Looking for an Exquisite Napa Valley Winery?

Napa Valley wineryWhen most of us think about Napa Valley, we think wine. What once started as a smaller area that produced wines, now has grown by leaps and bounds into an area that is becoming recognized as a leading place to make wine. Throughout the years, many families and companies have come out west looking to share their love and passion for making wine, with the world. In conjunction, a host of Napa Valley wineries were born and continue to thrive and live off of our amazing California soil. For locals, we love visiting each and every Napa Valley winery and enjoying each of the different flavors of wine from each appellation, or region. However, for visitors, this isn’t an option. We at Churchill Manor enjoy helping our guests not only find fun things to do in our area but the best Napa Valley winery, or two, that they would enjoy. Here are some of the top Napa Valley wineries that we suggest.

Our first Napa Valley winery that we love to visit is Holman Cellars. Located just south of Napa this amazing Napa Valley winery embodies everything we have grown to love about wine production. They first started small in their horse barn but with each bottle bought, they have been able to grow their winery into what it is today. This is a family owned winery and everyone, down to the children, has a job. They love having visitors however since this is a working winery, tastings are by appointment only. Be sure to check out their site to find out more.

Another Napa Valley winery that we love to suggest is Domaine Carneros. This is one of the few wineries that also has a beautiful chateau. The wines that they make are methóde champenoise sparkling wine, which they are best known for, and have added Pinot Noir to their portfolio . All of their grapes are grown in their organic vineyards. When you visit, you will be tasting in style at their chateau. Reservations are recommended and be sure to visit their site to book a tasting.

If you are looking for a Napa Valley winery that has something for everyone, you have to see Cuvaison. This winery, paired with it sister Napa Valley winery, Brandlin, offers a plethora of wine choices from Chardonnay to Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon to Zinfandel. They have two tasting rooms to enjoy, one in Calistoga and the other in Carneros. Be sure to make a reservation before you go.

Our last Napa Valley winery to note is The Hess Collection. Started in 1978 by Swiss entrepreneur, Donald Hess, he has grown this winery into a staple in Napa Valley. The Hess Collection is known for their Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay but also for their amazing growing practices. Their motto is, “Nurture the land; return what you take.” When you visit, make sure to make a reservation for a tasting but also enjoy the extensive art collection that was Donald Hess’.

Coming to Napa Valley usually means you will enjoy a fine wine or two to compliment your vacation. When visitors come to sample a Napa Valley winery, they love staying with us at Churchill Manor. They love our rooms and how they are decorated in an old world charm that give the visitor a glimpse of the manor in its prime. Also, they love that our rooms are named after the appellations in our region. We also have fantastic packages that will allow you to taste our Napa Valley wines in style. Ready to start your tour of Napa Valley wines? Contact our fabulous staff today and book a trip to see us.

Photo by: Sarah_Ackerman