Let Us Show You the Benefits of Mid-Week Travel to Napa Valley

Couple shopping on an empty street. A benefit of mid-week travel.It doesn’t matter if you’re still working 40 hours a week Monday through Friday or if you’re retired, traveling to Napa Valley mid-week has many advantages. The first: smaller crowds at popular wine tasting rooms. The second: potential discounts. The third: Feeling like you’re “playing hooky” while others are hard at work only adds to the fun! 

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So, What Are the Benefits of Mid-week Travel?

1. Book a Cheaper Flight

Multiple sources show that Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the cheapest days to fly. If you want to save even more, select a very early or very late flight. Then, take the money you saved on your flight and use it to do something fun on your trip! We have a few suggestions for you at the bottom of this blog!

2. Attractions Will Have Smaller Crowds

Wineries, tasting rooms, shops, restaurants, and galleries all experience high foot traffic on the weekends. But during the week, when most travelers are back at work, vintners, shopkeepers, and the like have more time to spend with customers. Midweek is often the time when you can catch winemakers and artists working behind the counter. It’s the perfect time to learn about their passions and get insights into the foundation of your favorite wine or painting. 

Small, family-owned wineries like Nichelini, Jarvis Estate, as well as larger ones like Beringer and Chandon are definitely worth a mid-week visit for a more intimate experience.

3. Use Your PTO, Don’t Lose It

Did you know that only 23% of Americans take all of the time off they are entitled to? Most employees only use about half of the PTO they earn. You’ve worked hard to earn your PTO. Don’t let it slip away unused! Book that trip, even last minute, and return to work relaxed, refreshed and full of new ideas!

Things to Do in Napa Valley

We all know wine is the primary reason guests visit Napa Valley but did you know that the area also offers fun activities like hiking, biking, festivals, hot air balloon rides, and more? Check out these suggestions and start building your mid-week itinerary today!

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Select one of our 10 luxurious rooms where you won’t feel an ounce of guilt for hitting the snooze button. Better yet, don’t even set an alarm. 

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