Napa Horseback Riding Options

Napa horseback ridingWhen thinking about things to do in Napa Valley, one tends to lean towards food and drink as what they plan on doing. However, not everyone thinks about how they will experience these tours. You can always drive, walk, take a bus but what if you love animals and want to do both. We at Churchill Manor have the perfect suggestion for you, horseback riding. There are so many Napa horseback riding options that it will be hard to choose just one. Riding horseback through Napa Valley is a perfect way to relax and unwind and see the beautiful countryside and vineyards as they should be seen. When considering your Napa horseback riding options, you should think of booking with Napa Valley Horse Company, here are our reasons why.

The Napa Valley Horse Company is truly the whole package when it comes to horseback riding in Napa Valley. This organization really likes to bring the community and horses together. Here is a little bit more about this company. They offer boarding for local horses and also offer fantastic riding lessons. They have lessons for children as young as 2 which is amazing because teaching a child to love and care for an animal will help mold and shape who they are for years to come. They also have basic riding lessons which also includes grooming and tacking your horse. This helps foster communication and trust between the horse and the handler. This is something that is helpful in all aspects of life. Which brings up the next option available, their group and corporate events. Their fabulous staff have trust exercises all aimed at helping your team work better together as well as the space to make it all happen.

If you are a visitor, your best option is their Vineyard Rides. After meeting your horse, and having a short safety lesson, you will have a 45 minute ride where you will get to see the grounds which also includes their winery, Chateau Lane Winery. While on your tour you will learn more about the wine making process as well as the different types of grapes that are grown on the property and some interesting stories about the ranch. The Napa Valley Horse Company has many options to choose from to customize your experience. These include, the Guided Vineyard Trail which is their signature tour and is $125 per person. You will also receive a bottle of Stella’s 2012 Sauvignon Blanc. If you would like a private tour, those are available as well. You can also choose to have a sunset ride, for added romance. Your next choice is their Guided Vineyard Trail Rides & Tastings. This is $150 per person and includes a tour and when it is done, you will meet at the patio of Chateau Lane Winery and have a tasting of 3 award winning Napa Valley wines as well as delicious food to pair with them. If you are looking for something a little more special, contact Napa Valley Horse Company for more information about their Guided Vineyard Trail & Culinary Experience. This would be a treat for anyone who is interested in learning more about Napa Valley through their stomach. The last option is their Sunrise and Wine Tasting Excursion. This is the ultimate in Napa horseback options. It is $250 per person and starts with an early morning guided vineyard tour and then when that is done you will come back to a continental breakfast. After breakfast, a wine trolley will whisk you away to 4 or 5 wineries in Napa Valley. A picnic lunch is included and when the day is done you will be dropped back off at your car or hotel.

Coming to Napa Valley doesn’t always have to just be about wine, it can also be about how you experience it. When visitors come to Napa Valley they love staying in an intimate B&B setting, like Churchill Manor. Our gorgeous grounds are impeccably maintained and reflect the natural surroundings of Napa Valley. Inside, you will still find the same attention to detail in the common areas and especially our rooms. We only select the most luxurious linens for our beds to help our visitors have a peaceful sleep. When you awake, be sure to head downstairs to our delectable breakfast, homemade with love and pride. Contact our wonderful staff today to book a trip to come see us at Churchill Manor and plan a tour with one of the many Napa horseback riding options.

Photo by: vastateparksstaff