Have a Great Picnic at Fuller Park in Napa

Enjoy a picnic at Fuller Park in NapaBeing in Napa means almost no end to the multitude of outdoor locations to enjoy recreational activities. With so many vineyards, wineries and parks, Napa is without a doubt a paradise for nature lovers. If you are looking for a new destination to enjoy the outdoors, especially a picnic, then be sure to put Fuller Park in Napa on your list!

Fuller Park is just one of many fantastic places sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful landscape in Wine Country. Discover our suggestions for other places to visit when you download our free Vacation Guide.

Spend an Afternoon at Fuller Park

Surrounded by residential homes, many of which date back to the mid-1800s, Fuller Park offers visitors charming and beautiful surroundings.  There are many varieties of period architecture. The neighborhood within Fuller Park is part of the National Register of Historic Places and has many homes listed on the registry. If you care to learn more about the park’s historical homes, there are seasonal guided tours available through Napa County Landmarks.

Fuller Park’s location makes it a wonderful choice for picnics. Those with children will find the large, well-maintained playground in the center of the park a welcome recreational outlet. There are swings, slides and climbing structures that will keep the kids happily occupied for hours.

The park has a wide selection of large, mature trees which offer plenty of shade and comfort so that the facilities can be enjoyed all year long. The park’s dedication to its trees can be seen by the naming of the picnic areas after different types of trees. There have been informal gardening tours offered seasonally in the past where visitors can learn more about the trees and other plants in the area.

There are nine picnic locations throughout Fuller Park that can be reserved in advance for group outings and parties. All of the necessary amenities are available including barbecue grills, restrooms and water fountains. Dogs are permitted as long as they are on leashes and alcohol is prohibited.

If you are looking to elevate your picnic fare, then you are not alone! Many visitors to the park opt for elaborate feasts from the local gourmet vendors as their meal of choice rather than a traditional packed lunch. Some bring all of the necessary ingredients to prepare a full course dinner as their group plays throughout the day. Some choose take-out food such as pizza or Chinese as their picnic of choice. With so many options, why not get creative!

Fuller Park in Napa is not just for picnics, however! The park is a lively and active place. There are walking trails throughout the park that are very enjoyable to explore. The length around the center of the park measures approximately a half mile so that runners and walkers can keep track of their distance. Consider taking part in on one of the free yoga classes that often take place in the park on the weekends. Or simply relax and enjoy the simple sounds of nature.

Relax at Churchill Manor

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Photo Credit:  Steevy84 / Getty Images