Spend a Day on the Napa River with an Off the Hook Fly Fishing Experience

Off the hook Fly FishingAn adventure in Napa’s Wine Country can translate into all sorts of experiences. Wine, of course, usually gets top billing. But there is fantastic food to enjoy, unique festivals to attend and plenty of outdoor excursions to savor, including fishing! Off the Hook Fly Fishing guide service is a great option for couples looking to take a day off from wine tastings and spend it on the water.

Off the Hook Fly Fishing is just one way to relish in the great outdoors while you’re in Napa. Download our free Vacation Guide for a complete list of things to do and see on your next trip!

Fishing in Napa? Why, Not?

It may surprise you to find out that many of our guests like to plan a day of fishing while they are in Napa, and Off the Hook Fly Fishing guide service has a variety of options to help you spend a day on the Napa River. It’s the perfect way to unwind in the beautiful Napa sunshine.

Don’t worry if you haven’t ever been fly fishing before. Look at it as an opportunity to learn something to new and different against a backdrop like no other. The Napa Valley fly guides are some of the best in the area. They’ll not only help you catch fish, they’ll help you improve upon your natural skills. You’ll consider yourself an “angler” before you know it.

Another great reason to experience fly fishing the Napa River with Off the Hook Fly Fishing is that 2% of the total of your experience is put toward river conservation.

Everything You Need to Know About Napa Valley Fly Fishing

During your excursion with Off the Hook Fly Fishing, you can expect to catch striped bass, which are challenging and fun to catch on a fly rod. They range in size from 16 inches long to about 10-15 pounds in the fall. Striped bass can usually be found near rocks, tree limbs or stumps that are submerged underwater. They are considered predators and put up a pretty challenging fight when they are hooked.

Striped bass run all year long in the Napa River. However, the best time of year to catch them is in the fall, which (lucky for you), coincides with the fall grape harvest, or fall crush. During the fall, the larger fish migrate to the Napa River to spawn creating conditions for some of the best fly fishing in Northern California.

Off the Hook Fly Fishing Guided Trips

Most of Off the Hook’s guided fishing tours run from July 4 through late November or early December. Their full-service tours last 8 hours and include all of your rods, reels, flies, and a delicious lunch. Half-day charters are available if that suits your schedule better.

The guided trips leave from Kennedy Park, which is less than a 10-minute drive from Churchill Manor!

Relax at Churchill Manor

After a fun day on the Napa River with Off the Hook Fly Fishing, come back to Churchill Manor to relax and reflect on your day in the gorgeous Napa Valley. Our rooms were designed with your comfort in mind. Historical details have been preserved throughout the mansion, but we also have the modern luxuries you’ve come to expect. Relax with one of our in-room spa services, or have a glass of wine on the veranda. Our evening wine and appetizer reception feature some of Napa’s best.

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