Everything You Need to Know About the Calistoga Petrified Forest

Calistoga Petrified forestHave you ever wanted to see a real petrified forest? Plan your trip to experience the wonder of the Calistoga Petrified Forest. The beautiful forest feels like a fictional fantasy come to life with towering trees, large rock formations, and untouched walking paths. The perfect escape from the everyday hectic pace of your busy life is here at the Calistoga Petrified Forest. Once you wander around for the day, make the scenic 45-minute drive through Napa Valley back to Churchill Manor to relax and reflect on the amazing day you had.

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All the Details About the Calistoga Petrified Forest

The Story

The word “petrification” is associated with an area that is covered by leftover ash from a neighboring volcano. Water covers and carries the ashes to the area where trees begin to grow. From there, the tree gradually becomes silica and makes it look like stone. The Calistoga Petrified Forest is made up of leftover ash created by Mount St. Helena some millions of years ago. The forest was discovered by accident when a Swedish farmer, Charles Evans (“Petrified Charles”) came upon it. He was tending to his pasture and noticed a log as hard as stone.

The Wonderous Landscape

Today, the stunning Napa Valley forest hosts thousands of tourists every year who want to catch a glimpse at the remnants of 3.4 million-year-old volcanic eruption. The beautiful haven creates a place for visitors to escape and explore a unique natural phenomenon. Majestic redwoods compose the area and create the allure of the Calistoga Petrified Forest. The gray-stained tree bark has an eerie illusion about what could have happened here. The beautiful green grass gives a nice contrast to the darkened trees and natural stones. Don’t forget to bring your digital camera or cell phone along to take pictures of the wonderful Calistoga Petrified Forest.  

The Winding Trails

Explore the Main Trail and Meadow Trail and be sure to check out the major exhibits and informational signs along these winding pathways. Take the guided tour and you’ll not only see the incredible views of the volcano and surrounding area, the leader will be able to answer all your questions about the history, natural features, and common wildlife. The Calistoga Petrified Forest is open year-round with differing seasonal hours. Check their website for all the details!

The forest has another trail open every weekend known as the Redwood Trail. The winding paths stretch almost a mile and showcase the amazing beauty of the various trees, shrubs, plants, and wildlife. The Redwood Trail is known to be a little strenuous, so consider wearing comfortable shoes and clothing if you plan to walk it. This trail is self-guided so be on the lookout for any unfamiliar flora and fauna!

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