3 of the Best Napa Valley Breweries You Need to Try

beer flight at Napa Valley breweriesNapa Valley is well known for its breweries and the many different varieties beer. Well, not exactly. You see, Napa Valley is always associated with wine and is one of the world’s top destinations for wine lovers. But beer lovers can now enjoy a similar experience when they visit wine country. You can go behind the scenes for a tour, talk to the makers themselves, and of course, enjoy a tasting! Here are several Napa Valley Breweries you need to try next time you’re in town! Download our free Vacation Guide for even more suggestions.

Napa Valley Breweries You Should Try

Napa Smith Brewing Co.

This family owned brewery has been producing incredible beers for many years. Don Barkley sits at the helm of the brewing operation and is known as America’s most experienced craft brewer. He’s been creating brews since 1978 and even helped spearhead the craft movement. Stop by to taste a flight of beers at Napa Smith Brewing Co.!

Tannery Bend Beerworks

This new brewery just opened in Napa and provides a bright, open and airy setting to enjoy a tall, cool beverage. It’s the work of three partners, one chef, one brewer and one hospitality expert, and it is up and running thanks to a crowdfunding campaign. Now that it’s open for business, Tannery Bend Beerworks is quickly becoming a hotspot. You’ll want to be sure to stop and experience this new addition to Napa’s beer scene for yourself.

St. Clair Brown Winery

While the name says “winery,” this establishment also houses a microbrewery and produces some of the best small-batch beers in the valley. St. Clair Brown Winery is known as an “urban brewery” for many reasons, one of which is, of course, their beer. Make a point to visit the Greenhouse Tasting Room to sample their renowned wines, a few small snacks, and pick up a bottle of their Honey Wheat Ale to go! Chill overnight and enjoy it with a lovely picnic or take it home to enjoy and remember your beer adventure in Napa.

The Proper Way to Sample Beer

According to Beer Advocate, the act of tasting beer is very simple to wine tasting. Really. It’s true! Even if this is your first time sampling beer, just follow these steps when you visit any of the fantastic Napa Valley breweries and you’ll look just like a pro.

Look – Raise your glass of beer directly in front of you and take note of its color (dark, light), consistency, as well its head (frothy foam).

Agitate – Next, you’ll want to swirl the beer. A gentle swirl of the glass will release aromas, nuances and “stimulate carbonation and test head retention.”

Smell – After you agitate the beer,  smell the beer with your mouth closed, then with your mouth open. This will allow you to experience the bouquet, which is very different from beer to beer.

Taste – And now, the step you’ve been waiting for. The tasting. Take a sip, but don’t swallow the beer immediately. Instead, let it settle on your palate. Be sure to breath out to appreciate the beer’s consistency. The exhale will allow you to sense a variety of flavors from sweet to salty to bitter.

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