5 of the Best Reasons to Indulge at Anette’s Chocolates in Napa

Indulge at Anette's ChocolatesThe next time you’re spending an evening wining and dining in Napa Valley, be sure to save some room for dessert. There’s nothing like a delicious cabernet paired with a piece of rich chocolate. Except maybe a handmade wine truffle or two, or a generous scoop of homemade ice cream, or a crunchy bite of peanut brittle! Whatever your sweet tooth is craving, Anette’s Chocolates in downtown Napa Valley is where you will find all of these award-winning confections and more.

Downtown Napa is full of little treasures like Anette’s Chocolates. Since we are downtown as well, all of these little neighborhood finds are just a few minutes’ walk from Churchill Manor Bed & Breakfast. Find out our top recommendations for the best places to experience in Napa, from unique boutiques to funky wine tasting rooms to some of the most delicious cuisine in wine country. Simply download our free Vacation Guide for these insider tips and more!

Learn About the Sister & Brother Team Behind Anette’s Chocolates

Sibling chocolatiers Anette Madsen Yazidi and Brent Madsen own Anette’s Chocolates and have been working together for decades. They were featured on Travel & Leisure and the Food Network for their famous mouth-watering, sweet, and savory chocolates and sauces.

Travelers make it a point to stop in one or both Anette’s locations during their stay. The main shop on First Street is the larger of the two. The second shop is inside the Oxbow Public Market. The chocolate scene in Napa is small but memorable, and this sweet shop is a delightful experience you are going to want to add to your list of things to do in Napa Valley. Here are five sweets you must try from Anette’s Chocolates.

Homemade Ice Cream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for … Anette’s homemade ice cream! What makes the main shop so special is that they carry many delicious flavors of homemade ice cream and espresso that you won’t find in the Oxbow Market Place. Go in for a cone, or two, and shop around for the perfect gift box of truffles to take home!

Chocolate Wine Sauce

Now that you have your homemade ice cream, it’s time to try the perfect dessert topping. Anette’s Chocolate Wine Sauce comes in a variety of flavors, including chocolate cabernet, Belgian chocolate brandy, chocolate raspberry, and more! These sauces pair flawlessly with ice cream, cheesecake, fruit, and can even be used to concoct a lavish chocolate martini. They can be purchased by the bottle or as a gift pack of mini-bottles to sample each unique flavor.


“Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to get.” Except for at Anette’s Chocolates! You can choose from a wide selection of assorted milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and wine truffles that are filled with summer cabernet, winter cabernet, port, tart cherry cabernet, and many other flavors. Buy a box of 9,15, 24, or 33 for a loved one or yourself!


Anette’s brittles have won an award every year since 2004 for their perfect combination of salty and sweet. If that doesn’t convince you to try one, Anette and Brent make a specialty beer brittle is certainly worth a taste! They first made it when the owners of a brewery asked them to create a dessert combining beer and candy. It is now one of their most sought out delicacies and can be found in both the main location and Oxbow Market Place!

Nuts & Chews

Last but definitely not least on the delicious list of things to try are the nuts and chews. These candied almonds are crunchy, wholesome and lightly dusted with powdered cocoa and sugar. They are perfect to eat alone or as a topping for ice cream and salads.

Are you looking for the cherry to top it all off? Anette’s Chocolates offers tastings and classesTaste and Talk is a 10-minute tasting where you get to learn about the shop’s history and taste a sample of one of their chocolates, their famous chocolate sauce with ice-cream, and a piece of the beer brittle! There’s also a longer chocolate tasting and a class where you can create your own confection to take home. Make sure to make an arrangement for a tasting or a class ahead of time, so you don’t miss out on this exquisite experience. Anette’s Chocolates is a mouth-watering experience you don’t want to miss in Napa Valley!

Stay at Churchill Manor

If you find you didn’t leave time in your itinerary to stop in Anette’s Chocolates, don’t worry. We offer a box of custom truffles from Anette’s as an add-on to your reservation. Just let us know, and we can have a box of Anette’s truffles infused with Churchill Manor Estate Cabernet along with a chilled bottle of Napa Valley champagne awaiting your arrival. This “Sumptuous Sweets” special is just one of the many ways we at Churchill Manor ensure your stay in Napa is unforgettable!

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