The Barnett Vineyards Provide Delicious, Hand-Crafted Wine Tasting Experiences

Beautiful grapes on the vine are the start of delicious wine at Barnett VineyardsNapa Valley is a lush area whose temperate climate makes it perfect for wine and winemaking. Thus, it’s not really a surprise that winemaking has grown in such popularity the past several decades. Many vineyards and wineries offer tours and wine tastings so that visitors can see the entire fascinating process. And with this many vineyards, you can definitely make a day out of it, or even an entire vacation! One such vineyard is Barnett Vineyards. Here’s everything about this exquisite vineyard that makes it such a gem of Napa Valley.

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Why You Should Take a Trip to Barnett Vineyards

The Harvest Is Handled with Care

Due to the unique geographical properties of the vineyard, the vintners have to take extra care to harvest the grapes at full ripeness. This is because the vineyard is on a steep 35-degree incline which doesn’t allow for heavy machinery. That means going out and harvesting all the grapes by hand! Can you think of other vineyards that put such care into their work? The grapes are also fermented separately in small batches with traditional techniques in order to achieve the maximum flavor of the wines. They even take care to only select certain French Oak barrels, in order to really capture that special flavor.

Visiting the Vineyard Offers a Great Tasting Experience

The unique tasting experience offers an in-depth look into the terroir, the discussion of the history of the vineyard, and their winemaking techniques. Guests also will receive a sampling of the current release. Tastings are by appointment and last approximately 90 minutes, at around $75 per guest. If you’re interested, you can visit their website and book an appointment for a tasting today.

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