Experience a Different Kind of Wine Tour in the Del Dotto Historic Caves

Let’s face it, there are so many wineries in Napa Valley, that after your 10th or 11th tour, you may feel like you’ve seen it all, right? Not so! For example, have you ever experienced a winery and cave tour? That’s exactly what you’ll get on the Del Dotto Historic Caves Tour at their incredible vineyard. What happens at Del Dotto and why should you check it out? Find out now! As you plan your Napa Valley getaway, be sure to access our free Vacation Guide. It comes straight to your inbox and is easy to download. Inside, you’ll find our recommendations for the best places to eat, fun boutiques to discover, and amazing wineries to tour.

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All About the Del Dotto Historic Caves

How to Get to Del Dotto Vineyard

Historic Del Dotto Winery & Caves is just a short, 10-minute drive from Churchill Manor, via 121 South. It’s open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily by appointment. They offer Bar Tastings at $45, but their big experience is their Cave Tour. In the time since its opened, Del Dotto has grown to include Rutherford Estate and seven other appellations. Their selection includes Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, and more!

The History of the Caves and How You Can Explore Them

Let’s talk about the biggest reason people visit Del Dotto: the one-of-a-kind historic caves! The caves are hand-dug and date back to 1885. The property was one of Napa Valley’s very first wineries, far before the practice exploded in popularity nearly 100 years later! The first official Historic Del Dotto Winery & Cave as we know it today opened back in 1999. The caves proved to be the perfect spot for storing and aging wine, and “cave-aged” wine quickly became the signature of the brand. They provide tours for the caves every day, which takes visitors into the cave and includes selections of wine, as well as cheese, salami, pizza, and dark chocolate. It’s an unforgettable experience that you can brag about to your friends when you get home!

Churchill Manor Is Close to Del Dotto and Other Fantastic Wineries

A look at the luxurious Rutherford Room at Churchill Manor

Churchill Manor is conveniently located close to Del Dotto Vineyard and plenty of other great Napa Valley wineries and wineries. Our convenient location means that wineries and other tourist attractions are just a short drive away. And when you choose to stay at Churchill Manor, you know you’re in for quality and comfort. Our beautiful rooms, such as the aptly named Rutherford Room help you unwind after a fun day sightseeing, with a variety of amenities at your disposal. In the morning, start your day off right with one of our delicious breakfasts! And our location on Napa’s Main Street means you’re never too far from any of the great Napa sights, sounds, and of course food! Don’t wait, book a stay at Churchill Manor and start your incredible wine adventure today!