Everything You Need to Know About the Napa Valley Marathon

Runners at Napa Valley MarathonRunners in the Napa Valley Marathon always appreciate this race for its energy, great weather, and overall downhill route. Limited to 3,000 participants, this popular race takes place in March and usually fills up by early. So the most important thing to know is: don’t hesitate! If you’re thinking about participating, register today, and book your stay with us at Churchill Manor!

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The Napa Valley Marathon

For a complete list of FAQs, check out the Napa Valley Marathon site. But here’s a quick guide to tell you everything you need to know!

  1. Register ASAP!

Already mentioned above, but this bears repeating. The race’s relatively small number of slots means that you don’t run a packed course, but it also means you need to register as soon as you can! If you’ve already missed registration for this year’s race, registration for the next year’s race typically opens a day or two after the race date. So get your plans in order and register soon!

  1. The Race Course

The race route heads south from Calistoga to Napa, along the Silverado Trail. You’ll have some rolling hills in the first few miles, but the majority of the route stays level with a gentle decline. This makes it an excellent choice for beginning marathoners. But the scenery always steals the show! Stunning valley views, budding vineyards, and excellent weather on this rural route provide the best kinds of distractions.

  1. On Race Day

The race begins at 7 a.m. on Sunday. The Napa Valley Marathon is a “no-headphones” course. Thirteen aid stations dot the marathon course. Each aid station has a bathroom nearby and will serve both water and Gatorade Endurance. For the second half of the course, aid stations also serve oranges and bananas. Aid stations also have medical kits, and each station after 9.4 miles has nurses, physicians, and physical therapists as well. Runner’s bags of personal items (“sweat bags”) will be transported by bus to the finish line.

  1. More helpful links

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But above all, enjoy an uncrowded, scenic race in gorgeous weather!

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