Find the Best Napa Valley Wine Tours

best Napa Valley wine toursWhen you plan a trip to Napa Valley, one of the first things to sort out is which wineries you plan on visiting. This is a task that some can feel fairly comfortable selecting on their own and can go in sight unseen and have an adventure. However, the rest of us would rather do a little more research and review the wineries that others have been to and go on their recommendations based on their own personal preferences. We at Churchill Manor have been to many wineries not only in the Napa Valley but in nearby towns as well. We love helping our guests figure out the best Napa Valley wine tours for them. Here are some of our best Napa Valley wine tours.

The first recommendation is hands down one of the most unique and best Napa Valley wine tours, The Wine Train. This is not only a perfect place to sample some wines but also see the beautiful Napa Valley countryside that grows the delicious grapes. You can choose from many packages but they are known for the best Napa Valley wine tours. Here are some of the options you can choose from when you book with The Wine Train. The first choice is a Castle Wine Tour. This is a tour where you will be able to find out more about two very special wineries that have castles on their properties. The other tour we would recommend with The Wine Train is the Evening Tour. This is the only place where you can tour multiple wineries in the evening. This tour is only available on Saturday and this is a very intimate tour.

Most wine enthusiasts are interested in how the wine is made and what nuances between vineyards give the wine its own unique taste. When you visit Far Niente, you will quickly discover why this winery has been touted as one of the best Napa Valley wine tours. The grounds are breathtaking and the tour itself is informative and interesting. After the tour you will get to taste 3 wines as well as some delicious cheeses to go with them.

Another winery that gives one of the best Napa Valley wine tours is Ehlers Estate. They have a carefree attitude about life but are serious when it comes to wine and wine making. They love taking small groups around the estate and allow them to taste the delectable wines they have made. They have two tours to choose from, the first is a morning tour that starts at 9:30am and will allow you to see another side of the winery that others don’t usually see. If you aren’t a morning person then feel free to visit them anytime until 3:30 pm and enjoy their estate tour and tasting.

If you prefer some bubbles in your glass then you will want to head over to Schramsberg in Calistoga for one of the best Napa Valley wine tours that will feature sparkling wine. One thing to note is that their tours and tastings are by appointment only so be sure to plan ahead. They do have a cave tour available at certain times during the day as well. When you combine these two tours, as well as their 4 sparkling wines at the end, it really is a magical event.

Coming to Napa Valley can really be a treat on all of your senses. The most obvious sense that is uses while you are here is your sense of taste with all of our amazing food and wine. However, when you are on one of these Napa Valley wine tours, be sure to use your other senses to fully appreciate what you are experiencing. We at Churchill Manor enjoy helping our guests have the best time while they are here in Napa Valley with us. It starts with our impeccable rooms. Each are named and decorated in the style of the appellations that here in Napa Valley. Each evening you will easily fall into a comfortable sleep in our roomy beds and luxurious linens. Our service also extends to recommendations on what to see and do while you are here, like booking one of the best Napa Valley wine tours. Contact our fantastic staff today to book an exciting trip to see us in Napa Valley.

Photo by: A Yee