3 Amazing Cooking Classes in Napa

cooking classes in napa

Photo Credit: U.S. Army via Flickr

A trip to Napa never fails to be a culinary adventure. Aside from all the wine tasting, you can count on numerous eating excursions whether at the area’s finest dining restaurants or at one of the famed cooking classes in Napa. If you’re already a foodie and looking to expand your repertoire of recipes, then a casual cooking class in which you can learn from some of the most acclaimed chefs in Napa Valley is going to be a lot of fun. You’ll find both sweet and savory classes where you can learn everything from classic french macarons to a southern Mardi Gras dinner. Not only will you enjoy these social events, and the delicious food you’ll get to eat, but it makes for the perfect way to spend a day or evening in Napa.

Here are the three best places to take cooking classes in Napa:

  1. Napa Valley Cooking School at Napa Valley College
    Known for instructing its students in more than just food preparation, but also in the depth of the industries of aquaculture, feed lots, battery cages, pasture raising, and how harmful pesticides affect your produce, the environment, and your health. Focusing on a variety of food classes with traditions from around the world, an evening at Napa Valley College is one to remember. Whether you want to learn the secrets of Mexican street food, pan-Asian vegan food or classic Provincial French country cooking, you’ll leave with some fun new tricks for the kitchen. Here is a schedule of classes this spring.
  2. Silverado Cooking School
    These hands-on cooking classes are typically arranged around whole meal menus so you not only leave with new flavor notes and techniques to play with, but also a practical application that you can serve to your next dinner guests. Whether it’s a fancy brunch, Basque country flavors or a proper four-course meal you want to learn how to cook, you can learn it all at the Silverado Cooking School, while enjoying the delicious food you make. They also offer eight-week cooking fundamentals classes for people who might be around longer and want to learn some technical basics.
  3. Culinary Institute of America
    One of the world’s most famous cooking schools offering four-year programs in both cooking and pastry, the Culinary Institute of America also offers community education for locals and visitors alike looking to expand their kitchen skills. With multi-day boot camps at their Napa Valley location perfect for vacationers, you can enjoy classes in comfort foods, grilling and barbecue, skill development, and the perfect class for wine lovers. This school of experts is waiting to share their knowledge with all culinary fanatics.

Apart from the fantastic culinary experience you’ll have while staying at the Churchill Manor bed and breakfast between your first meal of the day and the afternoon hors d’oeuvres, there are numerous cooking classes throughout the Valley that will keep you learning about the intricacies of the industry and preparing delicious meals. Napa, California is any food and wine lovers dream vacation, where you’ll not only be surrounded by world renowned professionals, but also laymen who love food the way you do.