How to Have an Incredible Experience at the Silverado Cooking School

Silverado Cooking SchoolWe’ve all been inspired by TV shows where famous chefs, or home cooks who want to be famous chefs, whip up an incredible meal in 30 minutes. And with the added pressure of being on TV, no less. It’s fascinating and delicious work and it’s fun to think about doing something like that yourself. Now you can! The next time you’re in Napa, try one of the hands-on cooking classes at the Silverado Cooking School where you’ll learn new techniques, taste the results and sip on incredible wine.

Whether you come to Napa for the wine, the food, or fun activities like a class at the Silverado Cooking School, download our Vacation Guide for our top recommendations.

An Intro to the Silverado Cooking School

The first thing you should know is that you’ll need to roll up your sleeves and don an apron. No sitting around for you! The Silverado Cooking School’s classes are interactive and hands-on. You’ll get to prepare a whole meal using fresh ingredients and state-of-the-art technology. It promises to be satisfying on many levels!

How Does It Work?

Classes are mostly arranged around a whole meal. If you’re not an experienced cook, that is especially helpful so you can learn how to plan and cook a meal from start-to-finish. All of the flavors are designed to work together and that will become clear as you begin the process, which includes plenty of tasting!

As just one example of Silverado’s incredible classes, its French Cooking experience is always in high demand. Take a culinary tour of this famous country where you’ll learn to prepare “time-honored, home cooked classic dishes” including the much-loved crepe. Other fantastic offerings include their Italian, Meatless Monday, Farm-to-Table, Sparkling Sunday Brunch classes, and much more. Check their calendar and start looking at their mouth-watering list of hands-on and demonstration classes.

What Will You ‘Take Away?’

In addition to picking up new techniques and practical applications that will allow you to cook with confidence for your family or a fancy dinner party, you’ll also get a little swag! In most cases, the hands-on cooking class runs about 3 hours and includes the class, a meal, a logo apron, and a set of recipes. Class prices vary.

Save Room to Enjoy Dessert at Churchill Manor

Your cooking class will be a highlight of your trip to Napa, no doubt. Once you arrive back at your luxurious room at Churchill Manor, consider a couple of our add-ons to enjoy while you reminisce about your evening at the Silverado Cooking School. Our Delicious Delicacies add-on is the perfect way to end the evening. Savor fresh, chocolate-dipped strawberries and a bottle of Napa Valley champagne as you soak in the tub or cuddle up by the fire. Either way, a glorious night’s rest is followed by a gourmet breakfast in our sunroom or on the veranda.

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