4 Napa Valley Cities and Towns Worth a Visit

napa valley cities

Photo Credit: Derek Key via Flickr

A visit to Napa Valley often involves touring the beautiful countryside spotted with charming towns that manage to embrace both old world California and modern culinary and agricultural life. There are many Napa Valley cities and towns worth stopping in as you travel from vineyard to vineyard. If you happen to stumble into the neighboring Sonoma County you will want to explore some of its breathtaking coast side towns. Come enjoy these regions north of San Francisco known for their miles of rolling farmland whose grazing cattle and vineyard rows make up its quintessential beauty.

Known more for its beautiful countryside, Napa Valley cities offer a more small town experience than the urban atmosphere you’ll find throughout the rest of the Bay Area. While there are little pockets of urban life in this pristine countryside, visitors are typically coming to enjoy the country estates and myriad outdoor activities, while eating at the many fine dining establishments in this culinary destination at which you can truly taste the land.

While exploring the area be sure to stop in these four Napa Valley cities and towns.

  1. Napa – Set along the picturesque Napa River, downtown Napa is a beautiful place to visit while in the area, and really the only urban feeling place in the valley. Home to many wineries, hiking trails, and some of the area’s finest restaurants. Don’t miss the wonderfully renovated Historic Napa Mill, which is now a dining a shopping experience right on the river.
  2. Yountville – Known as the Culinary Capital of the Napa Valley and home to the famous Culinary Institute of America, Yountville is the best place in the area to find a Napa Valley cooking class. Whether you’re looking for a single evening class that includes dinner or something more intensive you’ll find it in this beautiful town known for its wineries, museums and Michelin-rated restaurants.
  3. Calistoga – Located at the northern end of Napa Valley and closest to the fresh mountain air, downtown Calistoga has a sophisticated European feel to it. You may even think you’re in the Alps or a small Rocky Mountain town as you meander down main street with its boutiques and bistros featuring outstanding local goods and foods.
  4. St. Helena – This small agricultural town has always managed to capture the essence of the high-class culture of the winemaking region while maintaining its farm town charm. The small downtown area has three entire blocks preserved as a National Historic District, giving visitors a feel for the rural roots of the town and area. The deep traditions of camaraderie and generosity have not been lost among the contemporary locals who now represent one of the world’s most famous wine regions.

There aren’t any Napa Valley cities and towns that won’t prove both interesting and beautiful places to visit while in the area. Napa is a great base for your exploring, and this free vacation guide is a helpful resource to help you get started in planning your next wine country trip!