4 of the Best Wineries in Napa Valley

best wineries in napa valley

Photo Credit: Jim G / Flickr

If you are planning a trip to Napa Valley then you are surely planning to visit a few of the many wineries scattered throughout this gorgeous wine country. You will never run out of new places to visit, no matter how many times you return to the region. You will be quick to find your favorites among them – the ones that you return to every year and buy your annual stock to ship home.

If you have yet to visit some of the best wineries in Napa Valley, we are happy to present you with some of our favorites, from whom we buy wine and visit quite frequently. We recommend these places for both the quality of their wines, as well as the uniqueness of the experience. Try to catch at least one of these while in the area.

  • Robert Mondavi Winery – If you’re looking for a spot where you can get an overview of many of the wines produced in Napa Valley, and their story from wine to bottle, the Robert Mondavi Winery is a great place to get an all-encompassing experience, and certainly one of the best wineries in Napa Valley. With tastings and tours offered daily, the Kalon Tasting Room is one of the most famous in the Valley and offers an experience as educational as the tour of the vineyards. Once owned by the original owner of the Churchill Manor, Edward Churchill, the Robert Mondavi Winery is recognized as one of the first growth vineyards of the world.
  • Beringer Vineyards – Beringer Vineyards offers a wonderful taste of the area’s rich history through the prohibition era, as well as how the process of winemaking has changed over the years. Learn their survival story through prohibition by making “sacramental” wines while touring their beautiful grounds, and ending your visit by trying a few of their delicious wines.
  • Castello di Amorosa –  Translated “Stone Castle”, Castello di Amorosa is named for the breathtaking 13th-century Tuscan style castle around which the vineyards thrive. Not only will you get a chance to tour the grounds and taste their fruit, but you can tour this iconic architectural masterpiece, renowned for its torture chambers, among other mysteries.
  • Sterling Vineyards – Known for their solar-powered aerial gondola which takes guests climbing to the highest peak of the vineyards, Sterling offers one of the best views of Napa Valley and the Bay Area beyond. Explore the vineyards on a self-guided tour and their gallery featuring famous works by the likes of Picasso, Chagall and Ansel Adams.

These are just four of the best wineries in Napa Valley, so be sure to ask around for other recommendations when you arrive in the area and at the Churchill Manor. Whether you’re a wine connoisseur, or simply looking to get a feel for the winemaking culture and history of Napa Valley, you’re sure to find any experience you’re looking for among the best wineries of Napa Valley. If you are looking for other fun things to do and places to visit in Napa Valley, check out this free vacation guide for some great ideas.