6 Art Galleries in Napa

art galleries in napaNapa Valley has long been known for its artistic community, and the many lovers of art and even collectors who come back each year to peruse the art galleries in Napa and see what the local talent is up to. Trailblazers like Donald Hess started epic collections in the area, inspiring artists and collectors to expand their horizons in this largely rural area.

The art galleries in Napa have become a huge draw for visitors, giving Napa a reputation that far exceeds its excellent wines, and reaches into other creative forces bound to inspire. If you have yet to explore the art galleries in Napa, these are good ones to visit when you’re in the area.

6 Art Galleries in Napa

  1. Gordon Huether Art Matters –  An artist trained at home by his German father, Huether founded his Napa studio in 1987, gaining his first public commission in 1989 for the University of Alaska Geophysical Institute. Inspired by the effects that nature has on humanity’s material world, he has had public exhibits and installations around the world of many mediums. Be sure to stop by his studio and learn about this man of great art!
  2. Napa Valley Art Association – Located right downtown in Napa, the Art Association’s gallery is a great place to explore regional artworks through a variety of media from paintings to glass and even jewelry and textiles. All the artists are part of this association focused on promoting arts throughout the valley.
  3. Quent Cordair Fine Art – This painting and sculpture gallery celebrates much more traditional art forms, capturing portraits of many people in both stone and paint. Featuring works from artists from around the world, these pieces will elicit nothing but human responses to the believable characters captured.
  4. Jessel Gallery – Voted the best art experience in Napa Valley, Jessel Miller is a Napa Valley transplant who was drawn to the area’s rich creative culture, and the inspiration of the breathtaking landscape. A portrait artist for many years, she followed her small town dream of opening a gallery where she features the works of talented artists.
  5. Volakis Gallery – If you are a serious collector, Volakis in one of the art galleries in Napa that you must visit. Their exclusive collection of paintings, sculpture, and photography can all be viewed by appointment only, so get ready for some real professional treatment.
  6. Vianello Arts – The studio and gallery of Franco Vianello of Venice Italy is a real treat. This talented and versatile sculptor is known primarily for his Lost-Wax medium, and for starting this now famous sculpture gallery showcasing mostly work in bronze.

The art galleries of Napa are always worth exploring if you have part of a day between wine tastings to spend some time walking around. If you are a serious collector and have yet to visit the area, plan your trip to see these amazing collections soon!

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