What Makes Italics Wine so Unique?

A toast with red wine. Visit Italics Wine to experience delicious red wineNapa Valley is the centerpiece of California’s Wine Country. Travelers come from near and far to taste world-renowned wines. The story begins with vines strategically planted in rich soil that is tended to by experienced vintners and carefully fermented. The final product is often uncorked at a winery or inn and slowly poured into a glass for you to enjoy. Italics Wine, tucked away in Coombsville in the southeastern corner of Napa Valley, offers wine-enthusiasts this experience with an eccentric twist. If you’re passionate about wine, trying new things, and eager to know what makes Italics Winegrowers exceptional, be sure to check out our packages and book your room at Churchill Manor today!

Let Us Introduce You to the New-Age Vineyard, Italics Wine

Coombsville and Its History

Winemaking and vineyards typically yield imagery of clear skies and vines decorated with plump grapes wrapping toward the sky in patterns of parallel trellises. In winemaking, the soil is one of the, if not the, most important component in creating desirable wine. The soil that Italics wine is grown on tells a different story than many other Napa Valley vineyards. Their soil is the product of a volcanic eruption and subsequent partial crumbling of the Vaca Mountains. When you sip a glass of their wine, its more than just the science of winemaking. According to Italics, “What you get when you sip a glass of wine is a taste of Earth’s history.” Their history with the volcanic eruption also contributes to their harvest season extending into November.

Wine barrels in a cellar. The Italics’ Approach to Winemaking

These winemakers have a new-age, scientific approach to moving their product from vine to glass. This process begins with picking the berries (which, by the way) is no easy decision and separating them not just from the stem, but evaluating each berry to pass on only the ripest. Italic’s fermentation expert, Alex, is careful with this winemaking process because he doesn’t want to overbear the process. Instead, “Our winemaking team focuses on allowing the fruit tell its’ story unimpeded by needless meddling.” Italics have even gotten how visitors enjoy wine down to a numeric-based science called Total Phenolics. Total Phenolics can be measured by IRPs. In layman’s terms, the higher the IRP, the more likely you are to enjoy the wine.

Visiting the Vineyard

This winery specializes in rich, full-bodied reds that they describe as, “Bordeaux varietals and blends.” Italics offers four options for visiting the vineyard for tours and tastings including, Cave Series Tasting, VIP Cave Tour and Tasting, Vineyard Cave Tours & Tasting with a Picnic Lunch, as well as private events and group options. They also offer wine memberships contingent upon an unparalleled experience at their vineyard. They shouldn’t have to sell you the wine. The way Italics sees it, the wine should sell itself.

Enjoy a Bottle of Italics Wine in Your Room at Churchill Manor

The Oak Knoll room at Churchill ManorItalics Wine has bottles and cases available for sale on-site and online. Pick up a bottle of their 2010 Italics Fifteen Appellations and enjoy it in our Oak Knoll room beside the English fireplace. Our traditional-style accommodations and amenities will balance out your delicious, new-age experience at Italics. Don’t forget to visit other wineries, such as Hess Winery, during your stay with us! At Churchill Manor, we want your stay with us to be as easy as possible, so this step-by-step guide to visiting Hess Winery takes the guesswork out of how to plan your next visit.

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