Plan a Day Trip to the Award-Winning Andretti Winery

White wine pouring from the bottle into the glass on green nature blurred backgroundOne of the best things about Napa Valley is its wide variety of world-renowned wineries. Whether you’re a wine aficionado or a beginner, you’ll love exploring every one of them and taste some of the best wine you’ve ever had. One of our favorite properties to recommend is the Andretti Winery. Not only is it beautiful, but it makes for a fun and authentic experience. Thousands of people from all around the world visit the winery every year, so why not join them next time you’re in Napa? Read on to learn more about your fabulous day at Andretti Winery and start planning your stay today.

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3 Reasons Why You’ll Love Andretti Winery

It Has a Fascinating History

What happens when a world-famous race car driver meets the former CEO of Kmart? Creating a winery might not be your first answer, but it’s what happened regardless! Mario Andretti was completing his race car driving career when he met Joe Antonini, and from their friendship, Andretti Winery was born. Their passion and dedication make the winery an ideal day trip from Churchill Manor and a pleasant way to spend the afternoon while discovering the secrets of Napa’s wine. 

It’s a Stunning Property

Andretti Winery offers a relaxing and soothing wine tasting experience. Imagine yourself walking or biking along the vines on this gorgeous property nestled in the green hills of the Napa Valley. The winery itself was modeled after the little Italian Village where Mation Andretti grew up, with a fountain, terracotta walls, and patios. You’ll feel as if you stepped into a different era (and country!), one where the pace is slower and where you can enjoy the simple pleasures of life. 

The winery is open daily from 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and offers a variety of tours and tastings. Hop on a stroll through the wines to have a scenic picnic, experience a unique barrel tasting, and even a book a mouthwatering dinner and wine experience with entrees cooked by chef Adam Clark to pair nicely with your wine!

It’s Surrounded By More Amazing Napa Wineries!

Did you know you can fit several winery trips in a day? Luckily for you, they’re all fairly close to each other in the Napa Valley. You can choose from an almost endless variety of wineries to go wine tasting, but if you wish to stay in an Italian state of mind, we highly recommend checking out the Castello di Amorosa! This incredible Napa Valley landmark boasts a stunning Medieval architecture (the castle was directly imported brick by brick from Italy) and offers a lavish wine tasting experience within its walls. Did we mention the incredible views it has on the valley? It even has a little farm by the entrance where goats run wild. 

Sip and Relax at Churchill Manor

Breakfast at Churchill ManorAfter spending the day tasting exquisite wines at Andretti Winery, come home to your cozy room at Churchill Manor. Our splendid inn is at the heart of Napa and offers elegant decors in a warm and welcoming environment. All of our rooms are equipped with modern amenities and beautiful furniture. Browse our selection today and pick the one you prefer. Although they’re all high-end, they offer very different atmospheres. Are you celebrating an anniversary or surprising your significant other with a romantic getaway? Make sure your stay is the best it can be with our exclusive packages! Enhance your stay with a bottle of wine, chocolate-covered strawberries, and even massages. Did we mention the mouthwatering, homemade breakfast we serve in the morning? It’s so delicious you’ll wish it were available all day long! 

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