napa valley vine trail

Hike or Bike the Napa Valley Vine Trail

As much as the native Napa Valley folks know how to eat and drink, they also know how to enjoy the beautiful environment in which they live. With many locals being long distance runners, cyclists, and just generally nature appreciators, it’s no surprise that back in September of 2008 a group of volunteers decided to […]

wine appellation

What is a Wine Appellation?

Napa Valley has a long agricultural history, and before the land was even divided up into wineries, grapes were growing wild on the hillsides, marking a future wine country to be inundated with savants from overseas. One of those men was George Calbert Yount, who came to California in 1831 and won two Mexican land […]

cooking classes in napa

3 Amazing Cooking Classes in Napa

A trip to Napa never fails to be a culinary adventure. Aside from all the wine tasting, you can count on numerous eating excursions whether at the area’s finest dining restaurants or at one of the famed cooking classes in Napa. If you’re already a foodie and looking to expand your repertoire of recipes, then […]

downtown napa ca

7 Local Shops in Downtown Napa CA

  While exploring Downtown Napa CA you won’t have to hunt for great places to do some of that coveted vacation shopping. On the contrary, you’ll probably have to practice some self-control when you notice the unbelievable number and variety of local shops meeting the California standards of high-quality products. Whether you’re on a purely […]

Calistoga nightlife

Napa Valley Nightlife: Where to Have Some Fun

The Napa Valley is known mostly for its daytime activities, consisting of visiting wineries and vineyards to take tours and taste delicious vintages, as well as the beautiful sights to be seen while hiking and on bike tours. Being a town of fancy beverages you might assume that downtown Napa has a decent nightlife, and […]

downtown napa wine tasting

5 Great Downtown Napa Tasting Rooms

Wine tasting is as ancient a practice as wine production and has long been an expert trade that is now enjoyed recreationally. At one of the many downtown Napa tasting rooms, visitors enjoy the privilege of partaking in this ritual, examining and evaluating wines based on their sensory effects. While sommeliers and buyers will employ […]

robert mondavi winery tour

Learn of True Terroir on the Robert Mondavi Winery Tour

When you visit Napa Valley and particularly when you take the Robert Mondavi Winery tour and taste some of their perfectly crafted wines you will understand that something about the place correlates with the richness of flavor in the glass. Having its first harvest in 1966, the Robert Mondavi Winery has been producing some of the […]

best restaurants in napa

The 7 Best Restaurants in Napa

Wherever you find exceptional wine you’re sure to find equally amazing food, which is why Napa, CA, while known for vineyards and wineries, is also known for its world class restaurants. Great wine, of course, should be imbibed alongside great food, and so a visit to Napa goes. This charming town at the base of […]

westwood hills state park

Enjoy the Views at Westwood Hills Park

Although most visitors come to Napa Valley for the wine, your palate-expanding trip is also an opportunity to explore northern California’s great outdoors. Napa is known for having a variety of great hiking, biking, walking and running trails in its rolling green hills that offer a beautiful break from winery hopping, and will help you work off some of […]

calistoga wineries

Some Favorite Calistoga Wineries

On the north end of the Napa Valley you’ll find the beautiful and historic town of Calistoga, CA. Aside from its Victorian architecture and famous hot springs, given its location it is also home to some truly all American wineries. When visiting Napa Valley you’ll learn of all the different micro climate appellations and the vintages […]