napa valley marathon

What You Need to Know About the Napa Valley Marathon

Although the Napa Valley is known for its delicious and high-quality wines, it’s difficult to overlook the region’s beauty and desirable temperate climate. The ideal vineyard environment is also one wanting of outdoorsy adventurers looking for a good frolic in the Bay Area’s surrounding hills. This is precisely what has attracted so many competitors to […]

napa wine tasting rooms

Have Fun at These Napa Wine Tasting Rooms

Napa Valley, California is home to dozens of world-famous wineries, drawing wine-lovers from around the globe. Visitors sidle up to the bar at one of the many Napa wine tasting rooms to sniff, sip and savor various vintages from this fertile, temperate climate. Guests have their choice of visiting small family wineries, historical estates, or […]

napa valley appellations

Learn About the Different Napa Valley Appellations

In 1981 Napa Valley was designated the first American Viticultural Area (AVA) in California. Although it is internationally recognized as a premier wine-producing region, it only makes up 4 percent of the wine produced in California, and is one-eighth the size of Bordeaux. The Napa Valley reputation is evidently derived form the quality of the wines, […]

Robert Louis Stevenson State Park

Spend a Day at Robert Louis Stevenson State Park

While Napa Valley is known for their amazing food and delicious wines, there are plenty of other things to do while you are here. Since we in Napa Valley usually have mild temperatures during most of the year, we love spending as much time as we can outside, whether that be in a vineyard or […]

best Napa Valley wine tours

Find the Best Napa Valley Wine Tours

When you plan a trip to Napa Valley, one of the first things to sort out is which wineries you plan on visiting. This is a task that some can feel fairly comfortable selecting on their own and can go in sight unseen and have an adventure. However, the rest of us would rather do […]

Napa horseback riding

Napa Horseback Riding Options

When thinking about things to do in Napa Valley, one tends to lean towards food and drink as what they plan on doing. However, not everyone thinks about how they will experience these tours. You can always drive, walk, take a bus but what if you love animals and want to do both. We at […]

Napa Valley winery

Looking for an Exquisite Napa Valley Winery?

When most of us think about Napa Valley, we think wine. What once started as a smaller area that produced wines, now has grown by leaps and bounds into an area that is becoming recognized as a leading place to make wine. Throughout the years, many families and companies have come out west looking to […]

Napa Valley shopping

Top Napa Valley Shopping Spots

Even though Napa Valley is known for it’s wine, amazing views, and incredible restaurants, Napa Valley shopping is quickly coming up on visitor’s radar as something that has to be done while on your trip. There are so many areas as well as shops that make up the vast array of Napa shopping that’s it […]

New Years Eve in Napa

Celebrate New Years Eve in Napa

Not many people think about taking a trip somewhere different for New Years Eve. This is actually a fantastic time to pack a bag and take a mid-week mini holiday for a fun party. There is no better idea than spending a New Years Eve in Napa. Our town has so many things to do […]

Napa Valley Wine Train Tours

Be Delighted at These Downtown Napa Restaurants

Planning for a trip can be a fun experience. One of the best things to think about when traveling to a new place is where to eat. When you visit us at Churchill Manor in Napa, there is no shortage of places to eat. Since we are so centrally located, there are many downtown Napa […]