Here Are the Best Tips for Shipping Wine from Napa

Wine in box.

What better way to remember your trip to Napa Valley than with a bottle of wine? Contrary to popular belief, there are several shipping options to get bottles of wine shipped home from Napa Valley. There are various wine shippers in the area, as well as the option to pack it in your checked luggage. Read on to discover five of our best tips for shipping wine from Napa 

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5 Tips for Shipping Wine from Napa 

Did you find a blend on a Napa Valley wine tour or wine tasting that you just can’t leave behind? Here are five tips for shipping wine from Napa Valley across the United States! 

1. Checked Luggage 

Due to the limitation on liquid allowed on carry-on bags (3.4 ounces), the only way to transport bottles of wine via air travel is on youchecked bag. TSA allows alcohol with less than 24 percent ABV in your checked bag.  We recommend wrapping the bottles in articles of clothing or bubble wrap to ensure they don’t break in transit.  

2. Buffalo’s Shipping Post 

This small business in Napa Valley is a charming local shop and shipping company! Buffalo’s Shipping Post ensures that all your purchases from around Napa Valley get shipped home safely. Known for their impeccable service, they are experts in packing and shipping boxes or bottles of wine from Napa to locations around the world. It’s also a fun little store to check out if you happen to be in the area! 

3. All American Mail Center 

All American Mail Center is a great shipping option for individuals, vineyards, and wineries. This shipping post specializes in directtoconsumer wine shipping from Napa. They cater to many wine clubs and offer a variety of sizes of shipping boxes, insurance options, and can ship alcohol on the company’s authority. It’s a great option for those looking to make a large shipment, like a case of wine! 

4. Stagecoach Express and Co. 

Stagecoach Express and Co. is another local favorite for wine shipments from Napa! This shipping post offers online shipping options for customers so they can plan ahead for their shipment. For bigger orders, they are happy to pick up from wineries, hotels, and bed and breakfasts in Napa Valley to take some of the stress off their customers’ hands!  

4. Cartons & Crates 

Cartons & Crates serves individuals and companies from locations in Napa Valley and Sonoma County. They are a favorite among wineries and vineyards as they offer excellent customer service. Cartons & Crates offers pick-up, delivery, and pack and shipping services. They also specialize in fine art, rare antiques, and other Wine Country products! 

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It’s easy to bring your favorite blends home with these tips for shipping wine from Napa! Simply purchase a bottle or case of wine from your favorite wineries in Napa Valley, then pack it up using the method of your choice.  

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