Visiting a scenic vineyard should be a part of all napa valley vacations

The Best Napa Valley Vacations

With its fairytale-esque landscape, broad collection of world-class wineries, and wide variety of fun and romantic activities, Napa Valley, CA, has earned its way into the hearts of wine lovers and travelers from all over the globe. You could spend weeks on end exploring our beautiful region and still not experience everything that it has […]

The scenic Howell Mountain is one of 16 Napa Valley Appellations

Discover Burgess Cellars and Other Amazing Napa Valley Vineyards

When you imagine visiting Napa Valley, you probably picture beautiful vineyards with delicious wine inside them! Napa Valley is a treasure for wine-lovers, and only the best American vintages come from here. One great place to check out is Burgess Cellars. What makes this vineyard so amazing that locals and visitors alike keep coming back […]

Enjoy tastings, history and more on Napa Valley Walking Tours

4 Reasons Napa Valley Walking Tours Are a Fantastic Way to Experience Wine Country

When you visit a destination for the first time, the activities you select will shape your opinion of the area as well as your experience. Here in the wine country, you can choose from an array of excursions. Among them are several fantastic Napa Valley walking tours. As a bonus, many tours are within a […]

Napa Cooking Classes

Top 5 Napa Valley Cooking Classes to Enjoy on Your Napa Getaway

Visiting Napa Valley’s many delicious restaurants is one way to taste the local flavor. But if you’re looking to experience the cuisine, check out one of the numerous cooking classes you can take during your visit. The following Napa Valley cooking classes go a step beyond creating a recipe from a cookbook. How? Learn more […]

Where is Napa Valley Wine Country?

Where is Napa Valley Wine Country?

Napa Valley is certainly one of the most beloved wine regions in the world. That’s a bold statement, but a true one, especially when you think of the more than 400 wineries with tasting rooms that call the valley home and attract thousands of visitors each year. If you have never had the pleasure of […]

Churchill Manor B&B is a great place to stay during the Napa Film Festival

3 Lovely Places to Visit in California in December

December is a wonderful time to travel to California. With the sun shining brightly most days, the temperatures are generally in the 50s, allowing for plenty of opportunities for daytime outdoor activities. The evenings sometimes dip into the 30s, which is perfect for snuggling up by a cozy fire with a glass of California wine […]

where is napa valley

Where is Napa Valley?

The San Francisco Bay Area has long been known for its immense diversity of beauty and historically progressive culture. If you’ve been wondering, where is Napa Valley, you’ll be thrilled to know that it falls into this famous northern tip of this California region. Rounding out this heavily urban area with a county full of rolling […]

Robert Louis Stevenson State Park

Spend a Day at Robert Louis Stevenson State Park

While Napa Valley is known for their amazing food and delicious wines, there are plenty of other things to do while you are here. Since we in Napa Valley usually have mild temperatures during most of the year, we love spending as much time as we can outside, whether that be in a vineyard or […]

best Napa Valley wine tours

Find the Best Napa Valley Wine Tours

When you plan a trip to Napa Valley, one of the first things to sort out is which wineries you plan on visiting. This is a task that some can feel fairly comfortable selecting on their own and can go in sight unseen and have an adventure. However, the rest of us would rather do […]

Napa horseback riding

Napa Horseback Riding Options

When thinking about things to do in Napa Valley, one tends to lean towards food and drink as what they plan on doing. However, not everyone thinks about how they will experience these tours. You can always drive, walk, take a bus but what if you love animals and want to do both. We at […]