Festival del Sole

Enjoy 10 Days of Food, Wine and Music at Festival Napa Valley

Festival Napa Valley has announced their lineup for 2018! From July 20-29, locals and visitors will be treated to some of the best music, art, performances, food, and wine in Napa Valley. The 13th season of this annual festival has much to offer! Need a place to recover between events? The events are held near […]

california red wines

Which Grapes Produce California Red Wines?

Though Napa Valley is most widely known for its Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay varieties, as these are the most widely planted, there are actually over three dozen grape varieties grown throughout the region. The Mediterranean climate found in Napa Valley so conducive to wine making is also particularly unique globally for being diverse and thus lending to […]

Winery Tasting at Napa Valley Wine Auction

Everything You Need to Know About the Napa Valley Wine Auction

Events in California’s wine country are nothing short of spectacular. But, when an event allows you to give back to the community, it’s even more special. The Napa Valley Wine Auction is just this sort of function. It combines private parties hosted by vintners, a world-renowned auction celebration, and the chance for you to bid […]

Enjoy an Amazing Meal at Ristorante Allegria in Napa

The Napa Valley has developed a reputation for amazing food. In particular, Italian food is quite popular here, thanks to the abundance of amazing wines that pair perfectly with menu items. One popular restaurant is the Ristorante Allegria. What makes this restaurant one of the most popular in the Napa Valley? It not only has […]

Glass of Chardonnay at William Hill Winery

Visit the William Hill Winery for Exquisitely Crafted Vintages

While you can enjoy a fine, vibrant wine nearly anywhere, when you visit Napa Valley, you’re instantly elevating an already delicious experience. There are hundreds of wineries to visit here, each of them boasting a rich history, a gorgeous landscape, and fine, vibrant wine. William Hill Winery is no different. When you stop by their […]

Enjoy Eggs Benadict and Brunch in Napa

3 Yummy Places to Get Brunch in Napa This Weekend

Brunch is not just a meal, it’s an experience. Right? It’s about savoring flavors and satisfying cravings. It’s for late-sleepers and early birds who already had one meal at the crack of dawn and are ready for more sustenance by late-morning. If you’re a big fan of this halfway-through-the-day meal, find out where the locals […]

Mediterranean delicacies at Zuzu Napa

Three Reasons Why You Need to Check Out Zuzu Napa!

Napa Valley is known for several things – amazing wine, beautiful California weather, and fantastic restaurants. All of these things combine to make Napa Valley the absolute perfect destination for a getaway. Since dining out in Napa is one of the top things to do, deciding where to begin your culinary journey can be overwhelming. […]

Enjoy a glass of sparkling wine at Domaine Carneros Winery

Three Reasons to Visit Domaine Carneros Winery

Are you vacationing in Napa Valley soon? We have a stunning winery that you definitely need to check out during your stay with us! Domaine Carneros is a local landmark. Known for their sparkling wines, Domaine Carneros Winery is also famous for their unbelievably gorgeous chateau on the winery grounds. It’s a must-see for your […]

Take home a few of your favorite bottles of wine from Peju Province Winery

5 Things We Love About Peju Province Winery

One thing is for sure: There is no shortage of incredible wineries in Napa Valley! Peju Province Winery is one of our favorites, and we’re excited to tell you why! Owned and operated by the Peju family, you’ll definitely want to make the time to experience the Peju Province Winery on your Napa Valley getaway. […]

Enjoy a glass of wine with your sweetie at Cadet Wine Bar in Napa

Everything You Need to Know about Cadet Wine Bar

A getaway to Napa Valley is always better when you are discovering new favorite restaurants! Today, we’re going to introduce you to Cadet Wine Bar. We know you’ll love this place for it’s innovation and charm! For lots more information about Napa Valley, our gorgeous Manor and things to do in our area, please download […]