Here are some recommendations for your next Napa girls' getaway.

How to Plan the Ultimate Napa Girls’ Getaway

Wine tasting, spa treatments, and tons of girl talk — is there a better way to spend a weekend with your besties? Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, planning a bachelorette party, or simply in need of a weekend with friends, Napa Valley is the perfect destination for your next girls’ trip. Read on to learn […]

Napa Valley Balloons

Enjoy the Most Epic Sky-High Adventure With Napa Valley Balloons!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see wine country from a bird’s eye perspective? Now, you can! When you take flight with Napa Valley Balloons, you’ll soar high above the treetops, mountains, and lush vineyards below. Whether it’s your first time visiting Napa or your 100th time, this magical hot air […]

Here's what you need to know about wine tasting for beginners.

Wine Tasting for Beginners: What You Need to Know

If you’ve never tried a wine tasting in Napa Valley, you are missing out on the experience of a lifetime! Wine connoisseurs from around the globe come to sample the award-winning Cabernets, Chardonnays, Bordeaux, Pinots, and Merlots found here. However, you don’t need to be a seasoned expert to enjoy these bold reds and refreshing […]

Here's what you need to know about growing grapes for wine.

Everything You Need to Know About Growing Grapes for Wine

With more than 400 award-winning wineries, it’s no secret that Napa Valley produces some of the world’s best Pinots and Cabernets. Between the fertile soil, diverse terrain, and optimal climate, this region offers the perfect blend for wine-growing conditions. As a result, vintners are able to produce a wide array of excellent wines from a […]

Enjoy a massage at one of the best spas in Napa Valley

Where to Find Some of the Best Spas in Napa Valley

If your upcoming vacation to wine country doesn’t include at least one day of pampering, here are three reasons why you need to adjust your itinerary, pronto! 1. You deserve it. 2. It’s time to reduce stress and embrace self-care to the fullest. 3. You’ll feel completely recharged and ready to take on anything that […]

Enjoy music, wine and food at Yountville Live in Napa

Here Is Everything You Need to Know About Yountville Live

Did you make the New Year’s resolution to travel more during 2019? Have you ever wanted to experience Napa Valley? Plan the ultimate Napa Valley trip to experience Yountville Live from March 14-17, 2019. The world-class wine and food event is a perfect way kickstart the spring season. Savor all the delicious cuisine prepared by […]

Visiting a scenic vineyard should be a part of all napa valley vacations

The Best Napa Valley Vacations

With its fairytale-esque landscape, broad collection of world-class wineries, and wide variety of fun and romantic activities, Napa Valley, CA, has earned its way into the hearts of wine lovers and travelers from all over the globe. You could spend weeks on end exploring our beautiful region and still not experience everything that it has […]

Napa Valley Marathon

Everything You Need to Know About the Napa Valley Marathon

Runners in the Napa Valley Marathon always appreciate this race for its energy, great weather, and overall downhill route. Limited to 3,000 participants, this popular race takes place in March and usually fills up by early. So the most important thing to know is: don’t hesitate! If you’re thinking about participating, register today, and book […]

Couple with wine | visit La Jota Vineyards

Why You Need to Visit La Jota Vineyard at Least Once

Did you know that Napa Valley, CA, is home to more than 400 wineries? There are many spectacular wineries that we highly recommend for our guests, one of which is La Jota Vineyards in nearby Angwin. For over 100 years, this historic winery has produced delectable red wines that are well-worth all of the future cravings. Read […]

A toast with red wine. Visit Italics Wine to experience delicious red wine

What Makes Italics Wine so Unique?

Napa Valley is the centerpiece of California’s Wine Country. Travelers come from near and far to taste world-renowned wines. The story begins with vines strategically planted in rich soil that is tended to by experienced vintners and carefully fermented. The final product is often uncorked at a winery or inn and slowly poured into a […]