music in the vineyards

Make Plans to Attend Music in the Vineyards

There are few things that go together as well as chamber music and fine wine, which is probably part of what makes Music in the Vineyards one of the world’s most highly acclaimed chamber music festivals. It is held in late summer each year throughout Napa Valley, hosting world famous artists-in-residence from throughout North America […]

napa valley county fair

Have a Blast at the Napa County Fair!

The Napa Valley takes its 4th of July celebrations seriously, finding inspiration in its beloved nation for the entire Napa County Fair and a fireworks show that is one of the premier events of the season. With a classic parade through downtown Calistoga, followed by a day of throwback games, picnics, and other fairground shenanigans, […]

napa valley cities

6 Napa Valley Cities Worth a Visit

A visit to Napa Valley often involves touring the beautiful countryside spotted with charming towns that manage to embrace both old world California and modern culinary and agricultural life. There are many Napa Valley cities worth stopping in as you travel from vineyard to vineyard, and if you happen to stumble into the neighboring Sonoma […]

napa valley vine trail

Hike or Bike the Napa Valley Vine Trail

As much as the native Napa Valley folks know how to eat and drink, they also know how to enjoy the beautiful environment in which they live. With many locals being long distance runners, cyclists, and just generally nature appreciators, it’s no surprise that back in September of 2008 a group of volunteers decided to […]

wine appellation

What is a Wine Appellation?

Napa Valley has a long agricultural history, and before the land was even divided up into wineries, grapes were growing wild on the hillsides, marking a future wine country to be inundated with savants from overseas. One of those men was George Calbert Yount, who came to California in 1831 and won two Mexican land […]

golf courses in napa

Tee Time: 4 Great Golf Courses in Napa

While most people flock to Napa Valley because it is wine country, they also know to expect the beautiful setting that creates the perfect fertility for wine production. Napa, California and its surrounding country towns are as enjoyable as outdoors destinations, as they are for their culinary prowess. A day exploring the valley on horseback, […]

cooking classes in napa

3 Amazing Cooking Classes in Napa

A trip to Napa never fails to be a culinary adventure. Aside from all the wine tasting, you can count on numerous eating excursions whether at the area’s finest dining restaurants or at one of the famed cooking classes in Napa. If you’re already a foodie and looking to expand your repertoire of recipes, then […]

hess collection winery & art museum

Experience the Hess Collection Winery & Art Museum

In 1978 a man with a vision bought a large parcel of land on Mount Veeder in Napa, California and pursued his dream – building a world-class winery that mingled both culinary prowess and the arts. Known as the Hess Collection Winery & Art Museum, this land has been transformed into a beautiful wildlife sanctuary, […]

downtown napa ca

7 Local Shops in Downtown Napa CA

  While exploring Downtown Napa CA you won’t have to hunt for great places to do some of that coveted vacation shopping. On the contrary, you’ll probably have to practice some self-control when you notice the unbelievable number and variety of local shops meeting the California standards of high-quality products. Whether you’re on a purely […]

riverbend plaza

Take a Day to Explore Riverbend Plaza

While staying at the Churchill Manor guests have the great benefit of being right downtown and within walking distance of many great Napa, California attractions. Centered around the Napa River, the downtown area is both picturesque and chic, providing great scenery and lots of shopping, eating and drinking to be done. Known as the Napa […]

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