best of napa valley

How to Experience the Best of Napa Valley

Known for its state of the art wineries, farm to table food culture, and perfect mix of luxurious yet laid back communities, the Napa Valley is a long time prized destination for foodies, wine connoisseurs, and generally anyone that likes to have a good time in a beautiful place. With a landscape reminiscent of the […]

events in napa ca

Upcoming Events in Napa CA

Napa Valley is more than just a place to taste wines and enjoy the beautiful scenery but is a lively region featuring great events all year round. Next time you are planning a trip to the area be sure to check out all the upcoming events in Napa CA. Whether you’re looking for musical performances, cooking […]

best wineries in napa valley

4 of the Best Wineries in Napa Valley

If you are planning a trip to Napa Valley then you are surely planning to visit a few of the many wineries scattered throughout this gorgeous wine country. You will never run out of new places to visit, no matter how many times you return to the region. You will be quick to find your […]

napa valley transportation

Your Guide to Napa Valley Transportation

If you are planning a trip to wine country but live too far to drive, you needn’t worry about getting around this rural countryside once you’ve arrived safely at your destination. There are many options for Napa Valley Transportation to suit your needs, as well as your preferred modes of traveling. Whether you’re looking for […]

shipping wine from Napa

Tips for Shipping Wine from Napa

After spending a few days tasting the myriad vintages of Napa Valley and, hopefully, stocking up on your annual supply of California wines, you’ll undoubtedly need a way to ship them home. Because the area is such a popular destination for wine connoisseurs from around the world, there are numerous options for shipping wine from […]

oxbow public market

8 Shops and Restaurants at Oxbow Public Market

The Oxbow Public Market in Napa, California is a foodie haven full of local treats and beautiful spaces to hang out and enjoy them. The Market’s unique character is born of its commitment to sell organic and sustainably produced local crops, regional specialties, and fine food products. The majority of their business goes to supporting […]

napa history

A Look Back at Napa History

Napa Valley has long been a cosmopolitan city with a diverse population of people from Europeans and Asians as well as Native Indians. Gold miners spent their winters in this temperate climate where the city prices reflected the supply of this fine metal’s abundance in California. Before roads and cars most people traveling to Napa […]

napa valley opera house

City Winery at the Napa Valley Opera House

  When you’re visiting wine country you’ll quickly get the knack for a certain rhythm the days seems to naturally take. After lingering over breakfast and coffee, you’ll head out to visit a few vineyards and wineries and get to taste many of the area’s foremost vintages. You’ll undoubtedly stop somewhere exquisite for a small […]

where is napa valley

Where is Napa Valley?

The San Francisco Bay Area has long been known for its immense diversity of beauty and historically progressive culture. If you’ve been wondering, where is Napa Valley, you’ll be thrilled to know that it falls into this famous northern tip of this California region. Rounding out this heavily urban area with a county full of rolling […]

napa valley bed and breakfast

Churchill Manor, an Enchanting Napa Valley Bed and Breakfast

There are few accommodations in the area that combine food, wine, history and scenery like the Churchill Manor, a Napa Valley bed and breakfast experience you don’t want to miss. If you’re planning the idyllic wine country retreat, there is certainly no place more quintessentially Napa than one of the area’s original mansions, which was built […]

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