Auction Napa Valley

Auction Napa Valley is a Charity Wine Event for a Great Cause

Several Napa Valley events excel at pairing the best the region has to offer – delicious wine, delectable cuisine and breathtaking scenery – with special causes that are near and dear to our community. Fundraising events, such as the annual Auction Napa Valley, call attention to needs in the community and offer proceeds to help […]

Napa Valley Horse Company

Experience Beautiful Vineyard Rides with Napa Valley Horse Company

Whether you’re planning your first or your 10th visit to Napa Valley, you may not know about the opportunity to see Napa Valley from a different perspective – on horseback! This unique tour of Napa Valley is offered by the Napa Valley Horse Company and not only affords captivating views of the lush vineyards but a […]

Napa Farmers Market

Everything You Need to Know about the Napa Farmers Market

Visiting a farmers market is a decidedly different shopping experience. Groceries stores, of course, are convenient and a necessary place to shop for many things. But, a trip to the Napa Farmers Market is the perfect destination to find an array of fresh vegetables in vibrant colors, delicious specialty foods, and handmade products. Plus, there […]

Festival del Sole

Enjoy 10 Days of Food, Wine and Music at Festival Napa Valley

Mark your calendars now. July 15 through July 24, Napa Valley hosts the summer festival everyone has enjoyed for the past 10 summers: Festival de Sole, renamed Festival Napa Valley. What a festival this is! More than 150 local businesses participate providing venues, food and wine for this celebration of the arts. This year’s festival […]

Napa Valley Restaurants

11 of the Most Mouthwatering Napa Valley Restaurants to Try

Napa Valley is one of the world’s most beloved destinations and is regaled as much for its scenic landscape and delightful wineries as it is for its delicious restaurants. In fact, the restaurants in Napa Valley include a perfect mix of well-known favorites, award-winning establishments, and surprising new additions, each one providing unique and memorable […]

Napa Porchfest

Napa Porchfest is One of the Best Summertime Events in Wine Country

When it comes to events and festivals, Napa, CA, does not disappoint. From BottleRock to Festival del Sol to Music in the Vineyards and more, visitors and locals alike enjoy special events year-round that showcase the sights, sounds and tastes of Napa. One event that happens to be one of Churchill Manor’s favorites is Napa […]

Napa Valley History

Top 6 Things You Need to Know about Napa Valley History

Napa Valley has long been a cosmopolitan area with a diverse population of people from Europeans and Asians as well as Native Indians. Gold miners spent their winters in this temperate climate where the city prices reflected the supply of this fine metal’s abundance in California. Before roads and cars, most people traveling to Napa Valley were […]

Napa Events

5 of the Best Napa Events and Festivals to Attend This Summer!

Summertime is jumping in Napa Valley. The weather is fantastic, the lush vineyards are heavy with grapes, and festivals and events are aplenty. If you love wine, you’ll want to check out 5 of the best Napa events and festivals going on this summer! Best Napa Events & Festivals This Summer BottleRock Napa, May The BottleRock […]

Napa Valley Golf Courses

Fore of the Best Napa Valley Golf Courses

While most people flock to Napa Valley because it is wine country, they also know to expect the beautiful setting that creates the perfect fertility for wine production. Napa, California, and its surrounding country towns are as enjoyable as outdoors destinations, as they are for their culinary prowess. A day exploring the valley on horseback, […]

The Hess Collection Winery

3 of the Best Things to Experience at the Hess Collection Winery and Art Museum

In 1978, a man with a vision bought a large parcel of land on Mount Veeder in Napa, CA, and pursued his dream – building a world-class winery that mingled both culinary prowess and the arts. Known as the Hess Collection Winery & Art Museum, this land has been transformed into a beautiful wildlife sanctuary, […]

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