calistoga wineries

Our Favorite Calistoga Wineries

On the north end of the Napa Valley you’ll find the beautiful and historic town of Calistoga, CA. Aside from its Victorian architecture and famous hot springs, given its location it is also home to some truly all American wineries. When visiting Napa Valley you’ll learn of all the different micro climate appellations and the vintages […]

napa valley marathon

What You Need to Know About the Napa Valley Marathon

Although the Napa Valley is known for its delicious and high quality wines, it’s difficult to overlook the region’s beauty and desirable temperate climate. The ideal vineyard environment is also one wanting of outdoorsy adventurers looking for a good frolic in the Bay Area’s surrounding hills. This is precisely what has attracted so many competitors to […]

old faithful geyser of california

Check Out the Old Faithful Geyser of California

The Old Faithful Geyser of California is located in the beautiful Napa Valley, and has been drawing crowds to witness its wonder since the Wappo Indians made up the whole population in the area. Before there were vineyards, towns, and the wine train, outdoorsmen came to see the dependable geyser erupt in what is now Calistoga, […]

napa valley bike tours

Napa Valley Bike Tours are a Great Way to See the Area

  The Napa Valley, with it’s rolling green hills, miles of vineyards, farm fields with grazing livestock, and even a few peaks to admire, is not the kind of place to simply breeze past in the comfort of a vehicle. It ought to be explored thoroughly with all of your senses. Breathe in the air, […]

napa wine tasting rooms

Have Fun at These Napa Wine Tasting Rooms

Napa Valley, California is home to dozens of world-famous wineries, drawing wine-lovers from around the globe. Visitors sidle up to the bar at one of the many Napa wine tasting rooms to sniff, sip and savor various vintages from this fertile, temperate climate. Guests have their choice of visiting small family wineries, historical estates, or […]

skyline wilderness park

Have Fun at Skyline Wilderness Park

If you’re coming to Napa Valley to experience more than wine tasting you won’t be disappointed. Its diverse landscape, temperate climate, and rural lifestyle create a perfect atmosphere for those looking to explore the outdoors. Skyline Wilderness Park is one of the numerous places where outdoor adventures can be found. Whether you like riding your […]

Uptown Theatre Napa

Enjoy a Night at Uptown Theatre Napa

In the heart of Downtown Napa there’s a historic gem that you both can’t miss, and don’t want to miss. The Uptown Theatre Napa is a beautifully restored art deco theatre that hosts the best live music and comedy acts in town. They have hosted the likes of Willie Nelson, Snoop Dog, Lyle Lovett, Gregg Allman and […]

napa hiking trails

7 Napa Hiking Trails You Need to Explore

Napa Valley’s reputation is wine, but it ought to be just as famous for its breathtaking landscape with a myriad of microclimates created by its undulating, green land. It’s called a valley because it is indeed surrounded by gorgeous coastal mountains covered in eucalyptus and redwood trees. North of the Valley lies the Mayacamas Mountains, […]

napa valley appellations

Learn About the Different Napa Valley Appellations

In 1981 Napa Valley was designated the first American Viticultural Area (AVA) in California. Although it is internationally recognized as a premier wine-producing region, it only makes up 4 percent of the wine produced in California, and is one-eighth the size of Bordeaux. The Napa Valley reputation is evidently derived form the quality of the wines, […]

Robert Louis Stevenson State Park

Spend a Day at Robert Louis Stevenson State Park

While Napa Valley is known for their amazing food and delicious wines, there are plenty of other things to do while you are here. Since we in Napa Valley usually have mild temperatures during most of the year, we love spending as much time as we can outside, whether that be in a vineyard or […]

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